We are delighted to invite you to our first ever strength based expo on the 2nd-3rd September 2017. The expo will be aimed at those particularly interested in strength sports such as strongman, powerlifting etc. 

The expo will be held in the heart of Manchester at the Bowlers Exhibition Centre which has had great success at hosting other events such as the World Championship Boxing which has over the years taken place at Bowlers on a regular basis with regular events hosted by Sky TV in association with the biggest promoters in the country.

We would like to provide you with the opportunity to have two days of meeting exhibitors, athletes, demonstrations, lectures and for exhibitors, more importantly, to spread the word about your business; not only with the local people but with the expo visitors alike.  

Our aim will be a side step into a new direction of fitness based expos; going into the strength side of things, we will bring together fans and competitors of the strength world to meet, greet and compete with like minded people. From a Strongman comp, to Powerlifting and even a  lifting cage where hopefully records will be broken.
We will have knowledgeable people in to host seminars, Q&A’s, workshops etc that will be at certains times throughout the day in a conference room.